Assignment 2: Card 2

Research From my secondary research, I’ve had an unusual Card about Netflix in my mood board. Thanking someone for their login or password of any service is something I’ve experienced many times myself. It’s like a modern sign of friendship. I never thought of saying thank you with a card for such a situation, but if i would find…

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Assignment 2: Card 1

Research I’ve got some tattoos and many other do too. It is a special moment, always really, to decide on the design, feeling the pain of it being hammered into your skin and knowing it will stay there. Forever. This is especially true if it’s your first one. This moment, after you’ve got your first…

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Exercise: Visualizing your ideas

Brief design a leaflet for an organization, inviting people to volunteer for a task, incl. a Title; information broken down into four chunks/ 120 words; space for address/ contact A4 paper or larger if you prefer, and ignoring the actual words and sub- headings   This assignment was a lot of fun. I’ve started with simple…

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Exercise: Book Cover Design

Brief Page 40: “Your Brief is to create three cover designs for three books of H.G. Wells. They have to work as a set and establish his books as timeless fiction. ” The Designs don’t need to be finished but i need to have at least sketches of them finished.   Primary Research Besides “War of…

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Future of Design

Historically, you would study graphic design, industrial design, or interaction design and there were a finite number of crafts out in the world. Now we’re starting to see that design and creativity can be brought to bear on a greater number of things. One is organizational design, thinking about anything from the design of culture…

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The best art makes your head spin with questions. Perhaps this is the fundamental distinction between pure art and pure design. While great art makes you wonder, great design makes things clear. Sometimes.

John Maeda

Research point

Page 38: “What sort of Items did I collect so far and what made me do that?”   Most of my research goes down to 3 main Items   Visual Inspiration/ Research Striking images Examples and research on a current Project General Inspiration Tutorials and HowTo’s How-To’s of things I know I want to do…

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