Key takeaways and strengths

I start by summarising my main learnings, key takeaways so far (of the many I had) and feedback I received from my tutor:

  1. I need to continue to find ways to increase the time I spend with more research, analysis and evaluation.
  2. I need to set myself more restrictions and challenges in my designs and use these as a design problem to work around. I was getting happy to quickly with my designs. I’m still happy with all my end results, but exploring is something I need to focus on.
  3. Continue using my sketchbook and hand-drawn ideas equally next to the digital software

I enjoyed my learning journey so far and some strengths are clearly shining through already. I found an appreciation for typography, contemporary minimal design and bold statements in my work. I’m quick in liking an idea and developing my designs accordingly. While this certainly helps, it has its downsides. As written above, I tend to move too fast to a certain direction without exploring enough any other untapped areas or potential directions.

My best work (10 assignments and projects)


Assignment 5: Abigail’s Party

  • Link to Blog Post and Work
  • I enjoyed the social elements of Abigail’s Party, and using them, together with the 70s kitsch, to produce posters and designs. My challenge with it was to avoid the common Kitsch and 70s cliches everyone was using. I wanted to add a contemporary look, while still maintaining the connection to the content and the 70s. At the same time, I wanted to create a branding and logo for the theatre performing the play. All in all, I’m very happy with the outcome, as both, the theatre and the play itself, each found a unique voice on the same designs.

Assignment 2:  Card 3

  • Link to Blog Post and Work
  • I used the design already many times myself with friends and family. I like the classic Swiss graphic design style it got (colours and typography) as well as the modernist lines.

Assignment 4: Show me…

  • Link to the Blog Post and Work
  • I enjoyed creating an editorial magazine and thinking about typography, margins, columns and breaking them again in order to add refreshing elements to my design. I still like the art direction on the crumbled paper photocopies I used as header images in the article. Using three main colours (black, red and white) has helped to unify the overall design. But the entire design ended up a bit boxy, especially on the front page. Next time I might add some rounder elements to it
















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