Main learnings:

  1. Continue to find ways to deepen your understanding, and application, of typography through more research, analysis and evaluation.
  2. I need to set myself more restrictions and challenges in my designs and use these as a design problem to work around.
  3. Continue using my sketchbook and hand-drawn ideas equally next to the digital software


Thanks, Christian Lloyd for your feedback overall. I really enjoy your constructive feedback. This really helps.
On the Project “different typefaces”: In retrospective, the school poster was definitely dark and not as engaging with the audience group as probably planned – I will try to limit my artistic directions within a project and explore what I can do my choices and if they can speak to different audiences.



Feedback on main Assignment


“Your headline font reminded me a little of Neville Brody’s approach to reimagining Russian Constructivist typefaces, such as Industria or Insignia” – YES!

Thanks, Christian for noticing this. I was highly inspired by so-called “brutalist architecture” at that time and this found it’s way into my design – which I thought to be somewhat similar to typesetting, iron letterpress’ and the manual work behind it.


I’m pleased with my work (stands the test of time) and I will definitely continue using my sketchbook more often.



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