Lorem Ipsum is dummy text with more-or-less normal distribution of letters that makes itlook like readable English. It has been used for many years and some desktop publishingpackages now use it as their default model text. If you don’t have it already, go to and generate as much as you need.

Now select one of the designs from your research that you like and think works. Usingthe dummy text, try and copy the layout and design as closely as possible. You will needto measure the margins and column widths. If you don’t have the exact typeface get asnear as you can. If you are copying a page that includes photographs just leave 10%tinted boxes to indicate their position.

Is the type serif or sans serif? Is the text set ragged or justified? Are there spaces afterparagraphs or are new paragraphs indented? How many columns are there to a page?

What happens when you alter the fonts, change the alignment, adjust the leading ortracking?



Measuring the paper size, columns and gutter on the magazine, I was able to create a basic layout in InDesign.

Using the compound feature I  re-created the exact layout from the magazine in Indesign. It was quite tricky to keep the distances between each of the column. I’m sure there is an easier way to do this inInDesignn instead of counting the distances by hand.


I tested a few font families until i settles on Minion Pro, Regular, 12pt for the body text and Futura, Condensed ExtraBold, 14pt for the middle comment column.
At the end, i realized that my body text wasn’t as justified as the original.

Mai - 14screenshotscreenshotUntitled-12



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