Being able to quickly find a matching font using filters for „Decorative“, „Serif“, “Sans Serif“ and even the width of a Font is very important to me. I, therefore, have my font library already organized and use the Tool „RightFont“ to identify and navigate the collections. Here’s an overview how it works.



Now identify which fonts you might use in each of the following commissions. Then have a go at mocking up each of these. Try different fonts to see how each changes the feel of the text and make notes in your learning log about which works best and why.


I used sites like to search for nice font pairings and get a feeling for industry specific aesthetics. From there, it was try and error.

Commission 1: A short story in a woman’s magazine

Readability is key here, as the text is quite long. No need to care too much about reading on a digital device though, as it will be in a printed magazine (my assumption). To keep a modern and „fashionable“ look, I would like to have a big contrast between the Headline Font, which can lead towards decorative ones, and the body.

I used a classic serif font for the heading: Plantin. I stumbled across this font on the magazine “monocle” and quickly started to love it. It’s classical and has the charm of oldschool newspapers. It is quite fashionable as well.

For the body, i used Gill sans. A very geometric sans serif Font and nice in contrast to the header. I was very pleased with the outcome.

Exercise 15 - 1.1Exercise 15 - 1.2Exercise 15 - 1.3

Commission 2: An advertisement in a parish magazine asking for more helpers on the flower rota

Has to standout against the text of the magazine. Using a decorative or script font to underline “flowers” while staying traditional and not too modern to otherwise confuse the church’s audience.

I used the brush font: Playlist script for the main title. It fits the flower theme quite well and stands out from the magazine it might be showed in.

I used Glacial Indifference for the body. It is minimal and leaves the show to the main title. I could have experimented with more fonts here. Not so sure about this one in the end. (Flowers came from a vector package i had on my computer)

Can you add that important artistic flourish to our church-

Commission 3: A poster to advertise an after-school club for boys aged 13 – 14

Has to be readable from afar. Inviting and young.
I will go with a sans serif font and geometric in its style. It should be modern but at the same time timeless, as it is a school.
In my first take, I used a “Alfa Slab”, a Bold Serif for the titles and Montserrat for the text. I liked the calm and modern look of montserrat a lot but did’t really like the Slab titles. It wasn’t “young” or “rebellious” enough.
riverdale university
In my second attempt, I used the font “Edo” for the titles. Much better. I think.
A stock picture from a library, set in black and white, used as background.
riverdale university (1)

Commission 4: Your friends’ engagement party

This one was tricky. I didn’t like the idea of making it look like a party flyer. But tried to stick with it using bold colors. I’m still not sure about which font to choose for the main title. Norwester, with it’s bold look or “Animatic” for a fine hand drawn decorative font.


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