Using the following words create typographical representations that present both the word and a suggestion of its meaning.

Sad Safe Sardonic Saucy Scholarly Serious Sinking Skimpy Shadow Sleek Speed Swagger Shattered Snowy Squeeze Shy Sodden Stiff Short Silly Soothing Smart Squat Sweet Sordid Sophisticated Stodgy Stoned Style Supine

Start this exercise by working on A4 sheets of paper. Set the words in 48pt Helvetica Bold, print and cut out the words and then arrange them and stick them to a sheet of paper trying to capture the meaning of the word visually. Think about the composition, using the white space of the page to help you construct your meanings.

Then work digitally using any of the software you have available. Explore how you can set text at a slant, at different sizes, in different colours and fonts. Try using filters in your software for other effects.



I liked this exercise a lot. The limitations of one Font and Size was interesting to work with.





Digital was more difficult. Not in the sense of hard to make. Obviously it is much easier to distort and change fonts digitally – but here’s the problem. Too many choices. You get easily into playing too much with fonts and words so it ends up being cheesy or looking like “Word Art”. I gave me a limitation of one color and only type – and tried to play as less as possible with “funny fonts”.







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