For this exercise you are going to make a montage or collage with a political message. Your subject matter could be a current issue, or something that you feel strongly about such as animal rights, the treatment of elderly people in hospital or images of women in the media.

Collect images from newspapers, magazines, your own photographs or images online. Do remember that some images may be copyright – particularly anything associated with commercial companies or organisations. Create new meanings out of these extant images by juxtaposing and contrasting them. Be imaginative, playful, provocative or humourous.



Collage 1 – Porniverse

Some time in the last couple of decades, porn went mainstream. You can find porn pretty much anywhere you look. On TV, at your local bookstore, and especially on the internet.

This movement of porn into the mainstream is generally viewed as a healthy liberation from the suffocating sexual mores of older generations. While it’s great that society has gotten past its Puritan prudishness and liberated itself from the mores of older generations, it doesn’t come without its problems.Ubiquity of pornography in our culture. The ill effects that porn can have on men and women often go unnoticed. Many men are left with the impression that the proliferation of pornography is an entirely healthy phenomena. Especially young man are left alone with a false and distorted idea of Love. Porn Actors became faceless – just serving the unending need of the viewer.




Collage 2 – Meatgarden

Livestock production impacts the planet in a huge way. Still, meat is considered the most important part of most dishes. People move the reality to the background and justify it by seeing it as a human right to eat meat.




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