Thanks to digital tools like Pinterest, Evernote, my Mobile Phone camera and nowadays even handwriting on iPad, I’m able to capture more inspiration like never before. I’ve built a habit of saving striking images or objects immediately, with whatever tool I have at hand. Images go to Pinterest while articles, journaling, and photos go into Evernote or my sketchbook.

I’m strongly inspired by Contemporary Art and the classic typographical and photographic work of “Swiss” Graphic Design. Digital design is something I feel inspired by as well. Icons, gradients, Webdesign and motion design. Especially Digital Art, like Glitch Art, is something I’m reading about right now. The idea of manipulating digital works, using errors and glitches, to expose the underlying process is fascinating.


Two of my inspiration boards on Pinterest about graphic design and illustration. Both with collected images I’ve found stumbling through the web and photographs.




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