You will need to design the cover of your card and the message inside. You may choose to include the envelope within your design work as well as explore the possibility of pop-ups or other forms of cards.

At least three finished cards will be produced
* either be unrelated or work as a series linked to the same sentiment.
* Base the dimensions of your cards on a size of envelope that you have available to you.

Work through the design process, documenting it in your research file as you go:

• Analyse the brief Read the brief, identifying keywords, communication issues and design problems

• Research and develop ideas Identify the primary and secondary research you need to undertake. This brief requires some lateral thinking: develop ideas that are unexpected, obvious and fun.

• Visualize your ideas Use mood boards to explore the feel of your sentiments, visualize your ideas through thumbnails and create mock-ups of your cards.

• Critique your work Write a short rationale for each of your ideas explaining your decision-making process. Evaluate your design work, try and include other people in this process.

• Finish your artwork Create at least three finished cards that are of the highest visual quality that you can achieve at this time. Use appropriate DTP, image manipulation and/or illustration software to complete them. Remember to check for spelling, typos and accuracy.


General Research on the topic


Keyword Research

Brief: Greeting Cards; Folded; Envelope; Express sentiments (celebrations, congratulations, thanks, regrets, and condolences; Maybe related to specific Dates; Sentiment needs to be worthy of a greeting card but currently not available. Include Envelope and other forms of cards if needed.

Initial Challenges

(if this would be a real client brief):
The Brief is (obviously) not from a real client. Therefore the client’s sentiments, preferences and feelings are left out. The Brief gives plenty of options (popUp or not, Envelope or not, one theme or three, etc.). If this would be a Client Brief, it would be hard to meet the exact expectations for the designs. I would want to go back with additional questions/ Interviews and some local Research.

Format and costs

I will design three complete different cards. As the purpose is to sell them, i believe the client would be more flexible thanks to three different cards instead of a set, which a customer of them either likes or not and eventually feels forced to buy them in a bundle

I’ll keep the cards simple in their shapes, focusing on the designs. They should fit between other cards the customer might sell and within their card holders. The costs should be kept to a minimum too. Because of the unusual topics, they won’t sell them as often as classic themes. Therefore the cost of each one has to be reasonable.



As audience and topics are not really given in the Brief, i kept my primary research short. It focuses on keywords and mind maps to explore ideas and directions for my three Cards. I’ve visited a dozen online Card Vendors and Designers. This helped me to see market trends and steer away from heavily used topics. Then, i set myself a timer and tried to came up with as much ideas as i could:



I’ve chosen 3 themes and established some key elements, i continued with secondary research to see what is already out there. Mood boards and lateral thinking helped me find the obvious and the crazy path of my design ideas.



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