From my secondary research, I’ve had an unusual Card about Netflix in my mood board. Thanking someone for their login or password of any service is something I’ve experienced many times myself. It’s like a modern sign of friendship. I never thought of saying thank you with a card for such a situation, but if i would find such a card in a retail store, it would immediately feel familiar with it.

“Binge-watching” is a term which really became popular because of services like Netflix and their options to continue watching series on demand. Still, the word shows as well some sort of shame. “I’ve binge-watched the entire Weekend” is something i didn’t hear only once. Searching for a visual to describe the feeling of watching too much TV i remembered my mother.

She always said to me that my eyes will turn red, and ultimately make me blind of watching TV.

Red Eyes.

Early thumbnails




I’ve started my Design creating the illustration of an eye. I didn’t want to use a photograph, instead drawing an eye in the style of old scientific vintage illustrations. I’ve found some and starting tracing them in Illustrator using my Ipad and the Apple Pencil. This worked really well for me. Digital drawing is definitely something i want to look into more in the future.

Visual Research:


Final Illustration:

After drawing the eye, i’ve added the Netflix Brandname as red irritation within the eye. Both showing the cause and effect of too much TV.



Layout and Message

As the viewer should focus on the illustration and the Netflix name within, i kept the rest of the card as neutral as possible. I decided to leave the color palette to white and red. Red because of the Netflix Brand, which is red too.

It’s a new way of showing your friendship with someone by sharing your login and password. You’ll show as well your movie history and preferences by doing so. This let me realize that you don’t do that with anyone. It’s a special thing. I liked the message “Love is sharing your Netflix password”. It’s simple and direct enough.

For the message i used a Display Font. My moodboard had this great poster of a Movie Series.  It’s western inspired Title (once a time in…) is striking. I like the way it combines multiple words into one block, adding different font heights and thickness’ to create one group. I ued this for my Message:



End Result (Front)



For the Inside, i needed to keep it simpel again, as most text was already on the front. A simple thanks seemed enough. I traced my own illustration and used the outlines of it as border for the message. I wanted to use the word “Binge” or “bingelove” at first, but came back to the simple “Thanks” at the end.




End Result





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