design a leaflet for an organization, inviting people to volunteer for a task, incl. a Title; information broken down into four chunks/ 120 words; space for address/ contact
A4 paper or larger if you prefer, and ignoring the actual words and sub- headings


This assignment was a lot of fun. I’ve started with simple research to see what techniques existed for folding paper into leaflets and brochures. I want to keep the entire exercise simple and not waste time with the actual design of the leaflet. I want to spend as much time as possible on folding techniques and how to make the leaflet “pop out” so it get’s into someone’s hand.

There is a lot of information and inspiration out there



I started creating quick and dirty prototypes. Just to get a feeling of the Medium.

I wanted to create a Leaflet Prototype for a Fundraising campaign. Donations. It should work within a Rack but as well as a handout on the street.




I’ve stumbled across a folding technique which feels like wrapping a present. It reminded me of the joy children and adults have unpacking presents. Which then led me to the point that too many children never experience opening presents. This would be worth donating to, and voila, there was the first idea for my leaflet.

Inspired by “clickbait” articles on the web, i wanted to use a similar way to raise interest in picking up the brochure. To make sure all required text (4 chunks/ 120 Words) find place in the leaflet, i printed out 120 words of blind text. Contact details on the back:



FullSizeRender 17

FullSizeRender 11

FullSizeRender 15




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