Graphic Design Book Page 34 – “

Having analysed the briefs which one do you think you would most like to tackle? Is it the one with the most restrictions or the one that is most open to interpretation? What do you think your chosen brief would offer you? In what way do you think it would stretch your skills and abilities? Make notes in your learning log.”


It is wrong to think that Brief 2 would be “open” for the Designer. I’m skeptical with Briefs as open as this one. At the end you’re working for a client, and the people there probably have already expectations and ideas towards an need result. Expectations aren’t clarified enough in the Brief, leaving the Designer in a limbo state where it is hard to produce something which will meet their existing expectations.


I would probably go with either Brief 1 or 3.


Designing a new Packaging for Quakers Oats is intriguing. Zhou get the chance to change how a product looks like and sour design is going to end up on a shelf. Both outcome and target audience is pretty clear, making it easier to create a story around the designs.


Brief 3 is interesting because it is well defined and expectations are pretty much clear. Still, the client lets Zhou the freedom of choosing Media and Format, leaving enough room for experimentation. Having a campaign identity at hand already (Whz let drink decide) helps to form visual identities.

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