My work “shows a strong awareness of contemporary graphic design and the visual skills to communicate your ideas.” Overall i’m very pleased with my output and designs. The Feedback of my Tutor is very motivating. My main obstacle was time though. I spent way t0o long on Assignment 1. I will need to shorten my work time/ increase study time in order to finish this module in time.

Card 1

“There was a very strong graphic quality to your icon card that referenced both the modernist iconography of the Isotype (Otto Neurath) and a more decorative post-modern approach with theuse of blue icons. I really liked the contrast between these black and blue symbols – the black icons are visually descriptive, while the blue use the same descriptive language but what they’re describing is less obvious and perhaps more process driven – electricity, engineering, etc. You have clearly demonstrated a confident approach to visualising your ideas digitally. Your creative process draws successfully on a wide range of visual reference points and ideas, and it’s great to see you being selective in your approach – expanding, refining and editing your visual ideas throughout.”
I was pretty unsure about mixing the seemingly unrelated ornamental elements between the clear Icons. Once to see that i didn’t had to worry about that. I will continue trying out new things and experiment with ideas.

Card 2

“Your second card was equally strong but used a very different approach to achieve your aims. As a former punk, collage will be something you are familiar with, and as you’ve commented on, is an act of rebellion. Constructing the collage as a vignette worked very well, especially when you placed these on top of a more geometrically structured background. I liked the use of squiggles and boxes, which created a contrast with the other forms. You’ve started to bring some of your collage ideas into your typography, but perhaps there was more room to play with this.”
My Tutor nailed it here with the typography. I was out of ideas by the time i juggled with Typografie. I could have done more with it and use it more as part of the collage itself.

Card 3

“wonderful! I loved the playful performance you created and the subsequent flattening of the image (by simplifying the colours) to create a bold and iconic image. The text on the reverse of the card made me rethink the image, not as revealing who you are but hiding your identity. Both ideas – revealing/hiding – exist in the work and this contradiction helps to create avery engaging piece.”
Happy that the Design was able to communicate my idea with it. I liked to work with photography and will continue to do so in future assignments.

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