Postcard Nr.3 is about myself. Who am i? I was doing research for quite sometime, searching for inspiration. I knew i wanted to do something with a self-portrait. I wanted to use typography a little bit and add some written statements about myself to the design. Thinking about myself and what i should tell someone, i realized that what we are changes over time and that i have full control over the things i tell you about me. Therefore, even after showing something about myself, it still remains somewhat a mystery if that represents myself or just an image of myself I want you to see. I want the Design to show who i am, while keeping my true self as a mystery. After several headshots, i started to put post-its on my face. The port its can be used to add written statements on them.

Post-its weren’t sufficient in size, so i needed to start over and cut the paper strips by myself. I did several shots with different styling and accessories. As the paper is white, i preferred the black background. The hat had to go away as i would be covered almost entirely otherwise, which felt too impersonal.




Once the picture was made, i digitally added some statements about myself using the Montserrat Font Family (same as other cards) onto the paper strips. With the help of the “Transformation” tool in photoshop, i skewed and morphed the letters to make it look more realistic as if it was printed on the paper before.

I struggled with my challenge to keep the color related to the other 2 cards (blue). I found some tutorials on Duo-Tone Effects, using only 2 colors on a picture. That way i can control the colors of the final design. The music streaming service Spotify uses this method since their rebranding. I think it is very bold and “graphic”. I did some visual research:


In Photoshop, I used “Layer overlay” and different actions to reproduce the Duo-Tone effect:




My Final Postcard #3 Design:





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