Research for my second postcard was quick. I had the feeling that a collage could work well.
I stumbled across the artist Hannah Höch. She was famous for her collages. Collages are often used as an act of rebellion, where artists show the fragmented state of the world through a fragmented way of making art. It clashes different perspectives and cultures together, colliding to new forms and meanings. Exploring abstraction and the notion of time.
With its roots in European Dadaism (like the artist Hannah Höch) in the twentieth century, looking at modernism and photography, collage is a medium as diverse as it is politically charged. Rebelling against the very art movement itself and tearing nationalistic propaganda and symbols apart in the First World War. Still today, collage is used heavily, shifting from a pure political rebellion to a form of capitalistic protest, unmasking society, and its stereotypes.
What has this in common with the postcard assignment for my cultural influences?
Apart from political and sociological responses, our very own life itself is a collage too. Cultural influences are often fragmented. Neighborhoods we grow up in, family and friends, interests, and historical occurrences, all create different fragments of our life. Unconsciously, as life continues, we stitch those together, forming our very own character. Our very own collage. The work for my second Postcard should make my cultural influences visible. And an excellent way to do so is creating a collage.
I know where I’m coming from and what challenges I went through in my youth, so visual research didn’t take too much time. Growing up in a family with alcohol problems, I buried myself in comics, horror movies, and fiction. In my teenager time, I got access to a group of punks and called that my new home. I moved on, like an adventurer searching for the right ways, to other subcultures and movements, technology and arts. In my 20’s I finally found stability and learned that instead of searching for answers, I could create them by myself. This led me to look always forward with an optimistic personality. Through my love for Art and technology I’ve found my career, and shortly after my wife and kids. I needed visual material for all of this so i used old books, magazines, print out’s and Google search to find images and fragments for my collage.
I cut the-the visuals out, keeping if edgy. I tried various compositions and photographed
my favorite. Once digitalized, I started adding the additional digital elements in
Photoshop. I worked with layers and the “eraser” to add depth. But it still looked too clean or “digital”. I’ve experimented with textures and added some as new layers with an overlay filter. This added a textured look to the blue rectangles. Additionally, I scribbled some lines on paper, digitized it and added the scribbles as a new element to the collage.
To maintain the connection to the other two postcards, I’ve filled the rectangles in the same blue color as the first postcards icons. This Blue color will connect all three postcards.
Finally I’ve added typographic elements to the final Design usign the same font family as in the other cards (look forward; MA CU IN (Manuel Cultural Influence) .  The final design was sent to illustrator and added to the postcard layout i had already done for Postcard One, including the beelds and safe lines. I’m very pleased with the outcome.

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